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In this course, you’ll learn how nature and animals can positively affect you. We’ll teach you how to concentrate on nearby things to feel the healing effects of nature and animals. You’ll get tools to empower you by working with nature and animals as well as to improve your well-being both at work and in your free time.

You’ll learn about the eco-social approach, empowerment, and reflection concepts. This course is one way to support relaxation and reflection skills as well as develop your eco-social thinking.

This course includes four parts. First, we introduce the main concepts of this course. The second part focuses on nature photography. The third part focuses on interacting with animals and observing them. Finally, there is the conclusion reflecting on the course’s major themes.

Work your way through all the course material in the order that it is displayed on the page. This way you will start with the basics and then move on to the more challenging topics. It should take you about 10 hours to complete this course.

To pass this course, you will need to complete all the course activities and get at least 75% of them correct. You will also need to give us some feedback at the end of the course.

Once all those parts are completed and we have received your feedback, we will check all everything is completed and prepare your certificate. Please be patient, as it might take us about a week to email your certificate to you.

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