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Destination Finland: Arctic food from Finland

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Welcome to the Arctic food from Finland course!

The goal of this course is to add your knowledge of arctic Finnish food. This course also invites you to come and experience the arctic nature and its edible treasures. During this trip to arctic food you will learn why it is healthy and tasty.
You will also get the idea how Finnish people usually gather berries and fish and cook delicious meals out of them.

About the Instructor

Instructor on this course, your guide to arctic food is Eliisa Kotro, Senior Lecturer in the department of Tourism and Hospitality Management and Youth work.


  • This course contains of six sections. Each section consists of an introductory video, facts of the theme in a powerpoint presentation, and an activating task.
  • We advice you to go through them in the order they are listed on the content page. This way you’ll start with the basics and move along to the more challenging topics.

It takes about 2 hours to complete the course. The material with plenty of pictures is easy to read through.


In this course there is one mandatory quiz, one mandatory course feedback in the end of the board and several mandatory tasks to complete.
There are several tasks, which require writing or taking photos and downloading them to the platform. One task requires visiting a local market or a shop and take a picture.


Micro Course will be assessed passed/failed. The tasks are obligatory to provide evidence of your learning outcomes if you want to get the certificate via email


If you have any questions regarding the course material or the pedagogical content, you can send them to edufication@xamk.fi. We aim to answer you within a week. Thank you for your patience and enjoy the learning!

Don’t forget to answer the course feedback to receive a certificate.