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How to use LinkedIn effectively?

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Welcome to the Micro Course on How to use LinkedIn effectively!

This course provides you with an encompassing LinkedIn communication and etiquette guide.

What you’ll learn?

After completing the course, you have the information to succeed in LinkedIn. You will know how to communicate properly on Linkedin and also learn how grow your network effectively. You will have a LinkedIn strategy developed and ready for action.

This course provides answers to the following questions:

  • What are the specific features of LinkedIn? How is it different from other social media platforms?
  • What kind of content is most likely to succeed in LinkedIn?
  • How and when do you network?
  • Why is it so important to network properly? How can you do it well?

What’s in the course?

This Micro Course includes 8 different sections that include videos, PDF-slides, and quizzes. The course will take you about 10 hours to complete.

  1. Course introduction
  2. LinkedIn basics 1
  3. LinkedIn basics 2
  4. What kind of content to post?
  5. When and what type of content to post?
  6. How to network?
  7. How to build a LinkedIn strategy?
  8. Let’s get down to business

Who is my instructor?

My name is Emmi Mäkinen, and I teach communications at Xamk. Before teaching, I work in the field of communication and PR for various companies. I’ve been really interested in LinkedIn since the early days of the platform. I have used it successfully for finding new career options and to grow my network. I have graduated from the University of Helsinki, where I majored in the Finnish language.

How to pass?

To pass this course, you will need to complete all the course activities and get at least 75% of them correct. You will also need to give us some feedback at the end of the course. Once all those parts are completed and we have received your feedback, the certificate will be issued to you.

Any questions?

We hope that you enjoy the course! If you have any questions about the course material, please do not hesitate to contact us at Edufication@xamk.fi. We will try to get back to you as soon as possible.