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The fundamentals of strength training movements

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Welcome to the Micro Course where you will learn the fundamentals of strength training movements!

Nowadays almost everybody focus on singular movement techniques and gets overwhelmed because there is infinite amount of different movements and opinions about how to perform those. But when you know the principles of human movement patterns and fundamental movements and applications, you know the basics of EVERY strength training movement.


The workload of this Micro Course is around 10 hours, depending on your previous knowledge and understanding of strength training. This Micro Course consists of 12 parts which include videos, links, activating tasks and quizzes.

  • Introduction
  • Course materials
  • Principles that affect every strength training movement
  • The biomechanics of human movement patterns
  • The biomechanics of hip hinge
  • The biomechanics of squat
  • The biomechanics of push
  • The biomechanics of pull
  • The biomechanics of lunge
  • The biomechanics of loaded carry
  • The biomechanics of core
  • Conclusion of the course


Completing this course involves 1 mandatory test and 1 mandatory course feedback. Please go them through in the order of the Content page. This way you start with the basics and move on to the more challenging topics.


The Micro Course is assessed on the scale Pass/Fail. Receiving a certificate via email requires completing all mandatory activities, and at least 50% of them correctly.

Skills you gain

After this course you can answer these questions:

  • Whats wrong in current situation when trying to learn/coach strength training exercises? ?
  • Why it is important and beneficial to know the basic principles of exercise execution?
  • Why it is important and beneficial to know the biomechanics of human movement patterns?
  • What means movement progression/regression and why it’s important?
  • What are the fundamental movements and how you execute those in every movement patt

About the instructor

Your instructor is Jouni Korhonen, Master of Sport Science. Jouni walked into a gym for the first time in 1994 and has over 20 years of expertise in the fitness and sports industry. He has worked as a lecturer, instructor, and a coach, and still continues the tireless pursuit of teaching and coaching the critical basics of strength training.

Health and injury disclaimer

In no event shall Xamk and its subsidiaries or affiliates be liable for any direct, incidental, consequential or indirect damages or claims arising out of your participation in the course.

As a participant in the course I have read and understood the rules below, and agree to abide by them:

  • I understand that there is always a risk of injury from exercise. I am aware of and accept the risks of accidents and injuries related to the training. I release Xamk and the course planners from all liability for any injuries or damage to my property that may result from the training.
  • In case I have any reason to suspect a health problem of any kind, I will seek for examination before starting exercising and attending the course. I understand that all medical appointments, checks and tests on my health will be on my own expense.
  • I understand that everyone who participates in independent exercises is responsible for their own insurance coverage in case of possible injury or damage.


In case of questions on the course material or pedagogical content, please ask us through the email Edufication@xamk.fi. We aim to answer within a week, and wish you an enjoyable learning experience.

Don’t forget to answer the course feedback at the end of the course to receive a certificate!

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