Encountering People with Disabilities

According to the World Health Organization, about 15 % of the world’s population live with some sort of disability, with approximately 2-4 % having significant difficulties in functional ability. The number of people who live with disabilities is estimated to increase in the future due to the world’s aging population. Many of us find it confusing or even strange to encounter a person with disabilities. We might be afraid of doing something wrong or saying something offensive or unintentionally hurting them. But with a little bit of training and a respectful attitude, you need not worry!

Skills you gain

How do I communicate respectfully with a person with disabilities?

What is the right way to offer assistance to a person with disabilities?

What are the different characteristics of disabilities?




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Eija Karjalainen

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Encountering People with Disabilities

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About the instructor

Eija Karjalainen

Working as a senior lecturer in social studies at the South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences, Xamk. She has been lecturing for over 11 years and mainly teaches about working with people with disabilities. Previously, she has also worked as a special education teacher for adolescents and adults.

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