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1. The Real Happy Pill

Hey, let’s start with the most powerful tool:

“Alright, I am in. What should I do?”

Benefits of exercise on the brain

  • Stress reduction
  • Increased concentration
  • Better memory
  • Better mood and treating depression
  • Improved creativity
  • More brain cells – literally a bigger brain!
  • Better connectivity and efficiency of the brain
  • Better executive control (planning, taking initiative, focus)
  • Reducing, even reversing, the effects of ageing


Note: If you already have a working exercise program and habit, skip this section and keep at it!

Go for a 30-minute walk before continuing. It will help you focus on and remember the content in the rest of the course.

TIP: Module 3 on Atomic Habits will provide you more tools for making exercise a regular habit!

If you are currently not doing any kind of exercise, now is the time to make a change. Below are some simple examples of exercise programs that provide clear benefits for from the perspective of brain health and general wellbeing.

Easy: Walk 30-60 minutes 3x/week on Mon-Wed-Fri

Intermediate: Do the Easy program and add running* 2-3x/week on Tue-Thu-Sat

Full: Add one day of weight training to Intermediate.

*Or similar endurance exercise that elevates your heartbeat.

Moderate intensity, such as light jogging for 20 minutes is enough to elevate BDNF. Vigorous intensity, such as running for 40 minutes is even better.