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Final section

The course is almost over and it’s time to wrap things up! Thank you for being with us and let us know your opinion about the course.

This course is assessed on the scale Pass/Fail. Please don’t forget to complete all mandatory activities to receive certificate via email.

If you want to show me and the whole world, how amazing the “My Nature” photos you took were, please post those pictures on Instagram. You can find me on Instagram, my username is @annakatri.hanninen.

When you post these course pictures on Instagram use the hashtags #thisismynature and #thisismynaturephoto and #xamkpulse . Also, if you like, you can tell us where it is taken, for example, I would use #thisismynaturefinland

Bonus: Alternative method of sharing

Please, share your pictures here in Padlet, if you find inconvenient to share them in Instagram. Remember to leave your name or remain anonymous if you want to.

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