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Introduction and how to work on this course

Just some important information on how to go through the course and get the certificate.

Welcome to the course!

The goal of this course is to add to your knowledge of arctic Finnish food. This course also invites you to come and experience the arctic nature and its edible treasures. During this trip to arctic food you will learn why it is healthy and tasty. You will also get the idea how Finnish people usually gather berries and fish and cook delicious meals out of them.

Instructor on this course, your guide to arctic food is Eliisa Kotro, Senior Lecturer in the department of Tourism and Hospitality Management and Youth work.

This course contains of six sections. Each section consists of an introductory video, facts of the theme in a presentation, and an activating task.

Section 1. Introduction to Arctic Finland

Section 2. Health Benefits of Arctic Berries

Section 3. Get to Know Arctic Berries

Section 4. Fresh Fish From Icy Lakes

Section 5. Cereals From Clean Northern Soil

Section 6. Look at The Market

Goodbye for now and welcome to the course!

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