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How do I breathe while sleeping?

🎓 Sleep is important. But how do you breathe?

RECAP: Improving sleep duration and quality

  • Go for a walk outside in the morning, as soon as possible after waking up. Get some daylight in your eyes to set your circadian clock.
  • Avoid caffeine after midday, or altogether.
  • Schedule intense exercise in the earlier parts of the day.
  • Limit daytime naps, if possible.
  • Dim the lights in the evening, keep the bedroom dark.
  • Allow the last meal of the day at least 2-3 hours to digest before bed.
  • Avoid any amount of alcohol before bed.
  • Leave the phone outside the bedroom. Read a book and use a real alarm clock instead.
  • Don’t use the bed for work or similar things, only associate the bed with sleeping.
  • Try to maintain a steady sleeping pattern even during the weekend.


  • An active sympathetic nervous system hinders sleep.
  • Use slow, relaxed breathing with long exhales to switch to a parasympathetic state.
  • A slightly lower core body temperature helps to fall asleep.
  • Use light breathing with small inhales to increase blood flow to extremities and drop core body temperature.
  • Mouth breathing during the day causes mouth breathing and sleep apnea during the night.
  • Waking up with a dry mouth is a sign of mouth breathing.
  • Use sleep tape to maintain nose breathing while sleeping.