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It’s Never Too Late to Improve Your Social-emotional Skills



Social-emotional skills are a hot topic in the field of education. They could be described as the essential skills for connecting with others. By improving social-emotional skills, we enable children and adults to reach their personal and professional goals. Increased self-awareness and empathy toward others help individuals navigate through life and social interactions more easily, which in turn improves the quality of life and even health and well-being in the long run. In real life, these are typically the hardest skills to master.  

Tapping into this very current theme, Edufication has teamed up with Mightifier, a Finnish education technology program devoted to promoting social-emotional learning (SEL) and character development. Mightfier works with Finnish teachers and psychologists and bases their program on decades-long research.  

Mightifier is a perfect example of how Edufication’s vast network helps to create opportunities for cooperation and joint ventures. “It was an easy choice to partner with Edufication as we both have the same goal: to provide easily accessible self-learning opportunities for adults who want to develop themselves professionally.”, Mightifier’s founder and CEO Mervi Pänkäläinen states.  

“Mightifier’s courses are top-notch and as such, a perfect addition to Edufication’s portfolio. We are delighted to host them in our online store. Our cooperation with Mightifier opens up the opportunity to co-create educational material in the future.”, project manager Pekka Pulkkinen from Edufication describes the joint effort. 

The cooperation continues in full gear now as two of Mightifier’s SEL-themed courses are available in the Edufication online store. Playbook for the happiest teams focuses on building an engaging workplace culture that promotes a sense of belonging and emotional well-being. It’s a perfect course for teams, who want to explore and develop topics such as individual top strengths at work, practical tools to provide impactful feedback, stress management, work engagement, and finally crystallise the purpose of what they are working on. 

Playbook for impactful social-emotional learning in the classroom is an introduction to what social-emotional learning is and why it is important to include that in everyday activities in all classrooms. The course introduces multiple topics, such as CASEL-framework, growth mindset, positive feedback, character strength development, and discussing sensitive issues, as well as gives concrete examples of incorporating them into classroom activities.  

“We hope that learners around the world find our courses meaningful. We want to inspire workplaces to become happier, learners to develop their own social-emotional skills, and schools to find concrete tools to enhance social-emotional learning in the classroom.”, Laura-Maria Sinisalo, Mightifier’s pedagogical director sums up. 

Mightifier in a nutshell:

Mightifier is an award-winning Finnish socio-emotional learning program, which has users in schools in over 30 countries. Mightifier offers an all-in-one service for supporting growth: engaging professional training, adaptable SEL curricula, positive character profiles, and actionable data and insights. In addition to helping teachers and students, Mightifier has created a professional training program, which covers topics like Workplace SEL, and Well-being and Basics of social-emotional learning. Read more from https://mightifier.com/.  

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