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New Edufication Online Service Is Now Published



Edufication is a digital educational service, which was launched in September 2021. During the first six months, we have actively focused on developing our services and concept further. As a part of this development process, we started a project for improving our online services with our partner Tammi Digital. The project proceeded smoothly and on schedule, and now we are proud to present our new online services! 

“We began the development project by meticulously gathering information in multiple workshops. After the workshops we proceeded to the solution and development phases, and eventually to publishing the final result. We as customers were actively participating in the process and were able to influence the outcome in every step of the way.”, describes Teppo Rantaniva, who acted as project manager and product owner in this development project. 

New Edufication Online Service Published

”Our new online service was designed with a customer oriented approach and it is intuitive. By providing a reliable e-commerce platform, we not only support our own growth and internationalization, but also enable our partners to take advantage of it.”, states Pekka Pulkkinen, project manager responsible for Edufication’s development and operations. 

Promoting education export is Xamk’s strategic goal, and an important developing area of business in Finland. The Finnish National Agency for Education has published The Roadmap for Education Export 2020-2023 (only in Finnish), where they stress that successful education export activities require profound understanding of both the education sector and business life as well as technological capabilities. Edufication meets this demand. “We want to be a portfolio operator for Finnish education export. We aim to export our own educational products and help others do the same.”, Pulkkinen continues. 


Read more about the services Edufication provides for companies! 

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