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Physical activity in daily life promotes heart health



Heart diseases are a common cause of death in Finland and other Western countries. A major underlying factor for heart disease is a high standard of living, resulting in a decline in people’s daily physical activity. This, in turn, increases the risk of several lifestyle diseases.  

In Finland, these risks are well known, and the importance of exercise in the prevention of disease is acknowledged. Anu Kaksonen, Senior Lecturer in Physiotherapy, and Minna Mukka, Senior Lecturer in Health Care, from LAB University of Applied Sciences, have compiled this information into a compact package in the form of a micro course.  

The micro course takes approximately 10 hours and can be completed independently online, at one’s own pace. Micro courses are not graded, and no credits or diplomas are awarded for them. 

Everyday exercise is important 

The course is aimed at workers and students in the field of health care in Asia. The course is straightforward, which means that anyone with an interest in the topic can participate. The course does not have any prior requirements. 

The course begins with introducing the concept of functional capacity and its international classification. After this, the course focuses on everyday activity and its importance in the prevention of heart disease. Finally, the course provides practical tips on what kind of physical exercise one can add to their everyday life and how to do this. 

“The course provides learners with practical tips on how to be more active in your everyday life. Even a small amount of activity is beneficial,” says Anu Kaksonen. 

“Research indicates that even small acts bring positive health effects. Even just getting out of the chair and walking for a while is beneficial for your health,” says Minna Mukka. 

Masterclass introduces the topic 

A masterclass on the topic of the course will be held online on 21 November 2023. The event is open for everyone and will be held in English. To participate, sign up in advance at www.edufication.com/masterclass-physical-activity-and-heart-diseases-prevention/.  

The masterclass will feature experts in heart health and physical activity. 

Marjo-Riitta Anttila, Doctor of Health Sciences and Senior Lecturer in Rehabilitation at South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences will talk about smart devices and how they help in maintaining heart health.  

Arto Pesola, Doctor of Sports Sciences, from Xamk’s Active Life Lab will talk about the health risks of prolonged sitting.  

Sara Suikkanen, Doctor of Health Sciences and researcher at LAB University of Applied Sciences will focus on the importance of physical activity for older adults. 

Fruitful cooperation 

The course and masterclass will kick off the cooperation between LAB University of Applied Sciences and Edufication.  

“LAB is a university of applied sciences founded on RDI activity and closely connected with the world of work. We want to cooperate and participate in projects like this one, driving education forward internationally,” says Eveliina Kivinen, Degree Manager in the field of wellbeing at LAB University of Applied Sciences. 

The authors of the course, Minna Mukka and Anu Kaksonen, are satisfied with the cooperation. 

“Universities of applied sciences stand to benefit from joining forces and using their expertise to try something new every once in a while. That is what really fascinates us in this cooperation.”  

“Working with LAB has been very fruitful. It has been wonderful to realise how well Edufication’s production model adapts to different environments and activities. I look forward to our joint masterclass, the publication of the micro course, and whatever else we may still be able to produce by working together on this topic,” says Pekka Pulkkinen, Manager of Edufication. 

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