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Edufication and Upcopy.ai started cooperating earlier this spring. Upcopy.ai is a new tool that has helped individuals from over 85 countries improve their writing.

Upcopy.ai is an AI assistant that improves your writing by catching grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. It also offers suggestions for clarity, synonyms, antonyms, and definitions.

Included in Upcopy.ai is a library full of pre-defined templates that make completing a variety of tasks much more manageable, such as essay writing, admission essays, and requesting references from professors and employers.

The Pro-version of the service helps you to analyse the emotions within your writing, understand the tone of your text, and provide suggestions for writing more inclusive language.

Everybody can use it!

Upcopy.ai suits the Edufication product family well because it brings concrete benefits to its users. According to manager Pekka Pulkkinen from Edufication, this cooperation is very fruitful:

“Upcopy.ai offers different kinds of alternatives which helps the user improve their writing to ensure that the message will be understood correctly, in the way it was intended. We are waiting to see how the service is received in our network and how we could extend our future collaboration,” Pulkkinen says.

For Upcopy.ai, this collaboration will help them expand their horizons and help those who speak English as a second language with their comprehensive suite of writing tools.

Edufication is Upcopy.ai’s formal partner in Finland, and we can offer a discount for new users, only a few euros a month!

You can order Upcopy.ai here!

About Upcopy.ai:

Upcopy.ai is developed by Cambridge (UK) based start-up Citispotter. In accordance with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, they are trying to achieve high-quality education for all (4) and reduce inequalities (10). By providing access to our platform to students globally, we promote equality and create opportunities for individuals to improve their language skills and enhance their academic and professional prospects.

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