Elena Chukhlantseva

Elena Chukhlantseva, Master of Education, has gained over twenty years of academic and practical experience in multicultural and multilingual educational settings. She is a trained English language teacher and class teacher. What’s more, she holds a master’s degree in International and Comparative Education, specializing in Educational Leadership and Management.

In addition to having conducted scientific research in the field of sociology of education, Elena Chukhlantseva has taught in both Finnish and bilingual early childhood education centers and schools while also co-managing an early childhood education center. In the last few years, she has trained teachers, experts and other relevant stakeholders both in Finland and abroad on different topics of Finnish education.

As an ECEC Specialist, Elena Chukhlantseva has emphasized training others on Finnish early year and primary education; collaborating with partners in developing a Finland-inspired curriculum for early year education; and promoting the best Finnish educational practices. The great thing about engaging with colleagues from different parts of the world has been professional exchange and continuous learning. Elena Chukhlantseva is also one of the editors and authors of the book Finnish Education in Practice – What, Why and How, published in 2021.