Janine Subgang

Janine Subgang studied at the University of Oxford and Amsterdam University, with a focus on psychology and cognition, which she uses to improve product design in web3. Her expertise in the field has led her to speak at some of the most prominent web3 conferences, including NFT.London and NFT.NYC.

Janine is deeply involved in London’s web3 scene and a regular host of events, where she collects valuable insights and shares her knowledge with the community. She also regularly hosts startup clinics, providing early-stage startups with the tools and resources they need to succeed.

In addition to their speaking engagements, Janine has also been the director of a pre-seed VC fund, targeted at graduate startups. This allowed her to develop a keen understanding of the early-stage startup landscape, enabling her to support and mentor founders on their journey. A passion she holds up till today, mentoring in one of Europe’s strongest founder networks – EWOR.

Passionate about onboarding the masses onto web3, Janine is committed to making web3 accessible to all.  She uses her knowledge, insights, and passion for the field to inspire better product design and help companies transition from web2 to web3.