Jukka Miettunen

Jukka Miettunen is a Master of Education and a former principal at Yli-Ii Comprehensive School in the City of Oulu, Finland. As a principal he coached his staff to enable 21st century skills to the students. Together in their school they built a modern STEAM learning environment to serve cross-curriculum projects and teachers’ co-operation.

Currently, Jukka Miettunen works as a project manager in DigiOne project. The objective of DigiOne project is to create a national digital service platform and education ecosystem that can involve interested education providers and service providers, and other actors in the field.

Jukka Miettunen has over 20 years of experience as a teacher and school leader. His expertise areas are change management, learning technology, leadership, 21st century skills, learning environment solutions, and STEAM education.