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Edufication case: Learning Scoop

Joining Forces to Export Finnish Expertise on Developing the Education Sector

Edufication, a service created in South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences, and Tampere-based Learning Scoop have agreed on cooperating in producing and publishing educational material. Learning Scoop offers Study Tours, seminars, and training programmes for educators around the globe.

The coronavirus pandemic caused a stall in educational travel in Finland. One solution to the problem has been to offer digital services instead.  

Ellimaija Ahonen

”The change in the global situation led us to increase our offering of webinars and online courses. As a part of our cooperation, Learning Scoop brings nine online courses to the Edufication service”, states CEO of Learning Scoop Ellimaija Ahonen.

Learning Scoop offers its educational services across the education field all the way from the grassroots level to the decision-making level. Renewing teaching and upskilling teachers are at the core of their operations. The core idea is to guarantee open, equal and high-quality education for those who need it.

”Learning Scoop’s strength is our pedagogical and education export expertise, especially training foreign teachers”, Ahonen explains.

”When those are combined with Edufication’s network, production expertise and agile company culture, it is possible to reach vast numbers of customers and develop new, even better, educational products together”, says Pekka Pulkkinen, manager of Edufication.

Education Export with Online Courses

”The cooperation between Learning Scoop and Edufication started at the beginning of 2021. It was easy to find common ground as the desired state for both organizations is to get Finnish educational expertise easily accessible to a global audience”, Ahonen says.

Encouraging lifelong learning and the possibility to study independent of time and place are the cornerstones of Learning Scoop and Edufication.

Now Learning Scoop brings nine online courses to the Edufication online store. These courses are aimed at educators, which makes them a perfect fit for Edufication’s new Pro Courses category.

”Learning Scoop’s courses help to develop oneself as an educator and renew one’s professional self. The courses give new ideas and tools, which will enable educators to spark the joy of learning in children”, Ahonen explains.

The Power of Cooperation

The goal for both Learning Scoop and Edufication is to create sustainable business through long-term cooperation. Edufication uses the Finnish learning platform Claned, which provides data and feedback from students. All the information gained from the platform helps in developing the courses further.

”Finland and the actors within the Finnish education sector are rather small in a global perspective. Therefore, it makes sense to bring professionals together and create synergistic benefits and credibility in international markets. Combining experiences, networks and resources benefits all of us. The guiding idea is that together we are more”, Ahonen and Pulkkinen summarize their joint vision.

Learning Scoop in short:

Learning ScoopLearning Scoop is a Finnish company working in the fields of teacher education and pedagogical leadership development. Learning Scoop aims at finding the best practices of the Finnish education sector and empower teachers and schools worldwide for better learning. They also bring ideas and operational models from abroad to Finland. Learning Scoop Study Tours were awarded as the Best Authentic Finnish Travel Products in September 2019. Study Tours have hosted professional educators from over 50 countries. For more information, please visit https://learningscoop.fi/


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