DISCOVER YOUR POTENTIAL: Learn Teamwork by Developing Video Games

Innovative jobs and roles require ability to work in a dynamic team environment. Team skills are essentials whether you are studying or working. By challenging yourself and others to contribute to a collaborative project, you will learn communication skills such as active listening and collective knowledge building.  

Video games are a perfect platform for learning teamwork. Developing a video game requires cross-discipline skills and knowledge about design, development, and production, and the ability to turn an idea into a full product that can be adopted by wide audiences. Video games are great subjects to put theory into practice and work in teams.  

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Top job skills of tomorrow
according to the World Economic Forum

  • analytical thinking and innovation
  • creativity
  • complex problem-solving
  • leadership
  • technology design and programming
  • resilience
  • stress-tolerance
  • flexibility

You will work in a dynamic teams-environment while applying theory to practice. Your team is supported by content and guidance. Team focus will concentrate on the key elements which support project development while protecting the neutrality of the unique workflow. Teams are tailored to engage their highest potential while reaching the personal development of their members.

During this course, you will

  • learn from expert guidance
  • watch videos
  • read study materials
  • take quizzes
  • complete game design and programming related tasks

The final task for the team is to develop an idea into a fully working game that will be published to wider audiences.

Members are given constant feedback while their process is tracked, and the curriculum is customized dynamically to support their needs. Teams will have weekly meetings in different group sizes (individual 1, small 2-3, medium 4-10, large 10+).

During this course, you will

  • learn to work in a team guided by an expert team of instructors
  • learn video games development and its different aspects such as design development, and business
  • learn how to develop a video game in a team and publish it

Essential team skills, such as

  • communication
  • research and development skills
  • collaborative knowledge building
  • two-way feedback & documentation skills
  • self-regulation
  • project management
  • distant work ethics
  • multicultural and interdisciplinary understanding

Essential tools and skills for video game development

  • Krita, Blender, Unity3D, Visual Studio, C#
  • Game concept design
  • history
  • artificial intelligence
  • the industry and analytics
  • production
  • marketing
  • publishing
  • distribution

Content (theory and practice) related to teamwork and video games will be taught.

Summary of teamwork related topics:

  • communication
  • research and development skills
  • collaborative knowledge building
  • two-way feedback & documentation skills
  • self-regulation
  • project management
  • distant work ethics
  • multicultural and interdisciplinary understanding
  • analytical thinking and innovation
  • creativity
  • complex problem-solving
  • leadership
  • technology design and programming
  • resilience
  • stress-tolerance and flexibility

Summary of the video games related topics and content you use to learn teamwork:

Part 1

Module 1. History of Games 
Module 2. Theory and Innovation in Games 
Module 3. Artificial Intelligence for Games 
Module 4. Games Industry and Analytics 
Module 5. Production 

Part 2

Module 1. Game Concept Design 

Part 3

Module 1.  Game Development Tools. Krita, graphics editor. 
Module 2.  Game Development Tools. Blender, 3D graphics tool. 
Module 3.  Game Development Tools. Unity3D, game development tool. 
Module 4.  Game Development Tools. Visual Studio, C#, development environment. 

Part 4

Module 1. Mobile Game Development 

Final project: team will ideate and develop a video game of their own and publish it

Daily & weekly assignments will be provided. Students will also be challenged individually according to their needs and curriculum personalization/examination.

Each member is required to actively follow the programme, have self-driven contributions, and participate in a two-way feedback process. Teams are expected to adjust and re-adjust autonomously in response to any given changes.

Work will be evaluated, and modules are programmed to provide you with feedback during the development process. The different parts of the course will be assessed separately. During the course, you will be given tests and quizzes, and you are required to submit your game designs as well as a complete game.

You will also need to give us some feedback at the end of the course.

Once all those parts are completed and we have received your feedback, we will check that everything is completed and prepare your personal certificate of achievement.

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Who are my instructors?

Filip Bovin

Team process developer, entrepreneur & director of TUTORS with educational and social background. Filip has been studying in Helsinki University in one of small pilot groups, educational psychology as a major. Groups were developed to start an initiative which later led to an update of Finnish National Curriculum in 2016. His devotion to help people in general combined with his passion to tailor personal curriculum according to emotional & social development needs has been a cornerstone of the TuDo-internship-program. Since beginning of 2021 TUTORS has been actively collaborating with several Finnish Institutions and Universities to create a solution for students to have market demand after they graduate. Meanwhile Filip has been taking active part in collaboration and research of blockchain related technologies but also focusing to understand future needs of educational design development.

Dr. Jan Storgårds

Dr. Jan Storgårds is the Course Leader, entrepreneur, Director of CADGI (Cambridge Academy of Games and Innovation), and Cambridge Gamechanger ltd. He has over 25 years of experience working in the industry and academia with high technology companies and technology cluster development, including video games and gamification. He holds Dr.Sc. in information systems science in computer games development from Aalto University, Finland. Prior to his current role, he was a visiting research fellow at Cambridge Judge Business School (University of Cambridge) working with start-ups and early-stage technology companies including video games studios. In his prior role as Sector Lead for Creative and Digital Industries at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, his responsibility was to engage ARU with Cambridge’s world-class technology cluster, including video games and gamification.

Cambridge Academy of Digital Games and Innovation


James Shepherd, CEO CypherdelicLimited. Double Baftaand Develop winning executive responsible for delivering multi-million selling products. At Microsoft, James created the Xbox One and Xbox live games community ‘Upload’, and the app, ‘Upload Studio’, generating a 6.5 million user base, and 10+ million views in the initial 12 month launch window. At Sony he had 6 years experience as director of a multi-project development studio, managing dev teams of up to 200 people, delivering triple ‘A’ products internally and externally on all PlayStation platforms, including, ‘Heavenly Sword’, (PS3,1.6m units, 79% Metacritic) and ‘LittleBigPlanet’, (PSP, 2.5m units, 87% Metacritic).

Matthew Dickson, CTO CypherdelicLimited. Over 10 years of coding experience on triple ‘A’ titles for Sony PlayStation, including ‘Killzone2’, ‘Little Big Planet PSP’ and ‘Heavenly Sword’. Matt published the I.O.S title: ‘SuperJackFruit’, including all art and game programming. Matt’s polymath expertise makes him ideally suited to delivering a games development course

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