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The Value of Young Talents, Time to Redesign Youth Skills for the Future


Claudia Riva

Since 2014, the United Nation General Assembly dedicated the 15th July to the World Youth Skills Day. During this day, it´s celebrated the importance of offering an adequate education and the right skills to young people.  

Before the Covid-19 crisis started, 22% of young people (one in seven young men and one in three young women) were not employed, studying or having a training. When the pandemic started, the situation only got worse and global youth employment fell by 8.7% in 2020 (compared with 3.7% for adults) and more than 80% of trainings were interrupted due to new lockdown measures. Sad news is that this decrease in employment percentage has not been compensated by an increasing percentage of young people in education or training.  

World Youth Skills Day was created to give an opportunity for dialogue between young people, institutions and companies and to point out the importance of preparing young people with the right technical skills, of offering an easy access to affordable and quality trainings and of moving towards a more equal and sustainable model of development. In 2022, the biggest focus goes to recovery from Covid-19 pandemic, reducing barriers for young people to the world of work, ensuring that gained skills are recognized and certified, fighting climate change, creating a sustainable development, keeping up with innovation and solving poverty and inequalities. 

Edufication recognizes all these modern challenges and tries to contribute to the battle against these problems by offering a wide range of courses and services at affordable prices. Edufication also collaborates with different partners and organizations to create and deliver high quality material and to stay up to date with the current issues and innovations.  

The first goal of our educational platform is to make the greatness of Finnish Education System easily accessible to the whole world and to give equal possibility to everyone to improve their knowledge and learn the newest trends in working life, though our micro courses. Learning new skills is the key for becoming a professional and becoming more valuable for a company. When finishing a micro course, the students always receive a certification that can be shared and attached to job applications while looking for work opportunities.  

At Edufication, we also believe in supporting employees at any stage of work life and in creating a better learning culture inside firms. Today´s working culture is based on “meaningful work”, which involves new learning opportunities, recognition of achievements and personal development. Our second goal is to help businesses and organisations to understand their specific needs in employment and design new learning experiences for their employees that would support both the professional growth of the workers and the growth of the company.  

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World Youth Skills Day (unesco.org) 

World Youth Skills Day | United Nations 


Claudia Riva
Intern | International Services
South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences


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