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Summary: Basics I and creating a five star profile.

LinkedIn basics 1

1. Upgrade your LinkedIn profile to All-Star.

This includes the LinkedIn profile picture, headline, summary, skills, experience, industry and location, education and connections (50 or more).

2. Customize your public URL from your own page

By doing this you can get a nice, sharp looking link to your LinkedIn profile and can place it in your CV and so on.

3. You can also customize you LinkedIn banner

Which is the line behind your picture. You can place there your information, a picture or anything that supports your personal brand. You find this section in your profile and update it easily by clicking on the picture icon of the banner.

Example of a bad summary

“I am a PR professional with over 5 – year – experience in the food industry. My strengths are customer service and engaging, stakeholder strategy, PR strategy, food industry and people skills. My goal is to become a better version of myself every day and I am super goal – oriented when it comes to business. Self – development is my passion and something that I constantly strive for. Please do not hesitate to network, email or contact me through DM. Contact info: XXXX.“

Why is this a bad summary?

  • This isn’t a bad summary in general, but it supports this person’s role as a PR professional and not the goal of working in marketing planning.
  • When applying for marketing positions the profile gives a wrong impression of the person at the moment.
  • This summary is full of PR – related words, not marketing planning vocabulary
  • In addition, it lacks the important keywords

A good example of a summary

Let’s then move on to a good example where the person has over 10 – year – experience of marketing and wants to switch into HR.

“Hi! Welcome to my page. Employee lifecycle processes motivate me. I am passionate about high – quality recruitment, building employee experience and HR digitalization. I am dreaming of becoming an expert in competence management.

As a person I am a problem – solver who loves team work. It is natural for me to think of ways to help the organization to succeed better. I enjoy challenges and deadlines, but it is important for me to have a good laugh with my team every now and then.

Keywords: HR, HRD, organization development, recruitment, skills management, employer branding, HR marketing

Contact info: XXX”

Why is this a good summary

  • This summary is good, since it matches this person’s goal to switch careers into HR.
  • There is HR – related vocabulary and clear message about the aim.
  • The keywords listed in This summary is good, since it matches this person’s goal to switch careers into HR.

Creating a five star profile

This infographic from hubspot.com will help you to finalise your profile in Linkedin.