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Summary of the section

How to network?

My strategy for LinkedIn starts with a communication strategy. When communicating in LinkedIn, you need be clear about your purpose in LinkedIn.

• You always get the people results first, when searching for something in LinkedIn. Why not use this as an inspiration for you communication strategy? You can easily follow interesting persons and their posts, search for people who are working in your dream job and learn about their career paths.

1. Pay attention to quality over quantity.

When growing your network, think about the ways you like to be connected.

I noticed that my interest for people and their backgrounds was actually appreciated and those (direct message)conversations with new connections often led to either good tips from their profession/tips for opening positions in interesting companies

Therefore, getting to know your connections a little more deeply is awarding

2. Reach out in a correct way.

After getting an idea about a new job and field of expertise, I have always looked for persons working in such positions. Then I simply sent them requests to join my connections and also a personal message about me and why I’m reaching out to them like “Hi, I am very interested in what you do and I have interest in similar jobs. Could you tell me about your job and that and that topic. I would really appreciate it. Thank you so much!“

3. Be polite and appreciate the help you get.

When people give you their time and professional tips a genuine thank you message is always a minimum effort but if the tip/recommendation have led to a new job etc. I have sent them flowers or taken them to lunch as showing them my thankfulness.

4. When you receive help, remember to help back

When somebody posts a job seeking post, remember to comment, share or like it to grow their visibility. Or, if you have personal tips, you can add the person to your network and send them DMs. Or, if you can help people by putting them into contact with your earlier contacts. There are various ways to help others! The best possible outcome is a win – win situation. You can ask help and help others in return.

Ps. The last important point to remember is that you should never ask for recommendations from people who you don’t know or have ever worked with

Case example

How to optimize your time when seeking for a new job?

Instead of applying only for open positions, you can try open applications for 5 to 6 companies that you find super interesting. Do your research, maybe contact some of their employees in LinkedIn to ask questions and send your application directly to the company in LinkedIn. You can easily find whether there is an HR person or CEO who is in charge of recruitments.

In the application, whether it’s written or video one, introduce your ideas of how you and your qualifications and for example contacts will help the company to reach its goals or to develop in the areas they are willing to do so. This way you can avoid the competition and many steps in long recruitment processes. Note also that this might be easier when the company is not super big.