Game Design

Game Design
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In this module we are going to look at design, specifically concept design. It’s a very different module from some of the other ones you are going to complete on this course. If you are interested in designing, creating, making your own video games, this module is for you. Concept Design is one of the central areas of game development.

Skills you gain

Principles of game concept design

Good foundational understanding of game design terminology within games

How it can relate to your chosen role


Shareable Certificate


10 hours

Jan Storgårds

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Game Design

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Learning resources:
There are 5 videos about game concept design.
Assessment: Complete the 2 deliverables: 1. One Sheet and 2. Character Study.

How to pass?

By completing your assignments. No prior design, art, or coding experience is required.

Tools you need for your design: You can use your computer MOUSE to complete your tasks. There is NO need to buy a graphic tablet if you do not have one already. However, we recommend using a Graphic tablet (e.g. Wacom) if you are talented in computer games art, especially. We accept submissions made in pen and paper as well.

1. Pen and paper if you have no access to a computer.
2. And/or a graphic tablet if you have one or want to buy one.
3. Krita or any drawing tool (we recommend Krita because it’s a professional tool).
4. Word processing software or presentation software e.g. Visual Studio Community Edition.
You will send your work to Jan after which it will be assessed.

About the instructor

Jan Storgårds

Jan Storgårds has over 25 years of experience from various technology industries and academia. He is an entrepreneur, Academic Programme Director, and Director of CADGI (Cambridge Academy of Games and Innovation), and CEO of Cambridge Gamechanger ltd.

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