Learn Teamwork by Developing Video Games (installment 1/3)

GameTeam.Dev (GTD) is a games industry talent acceleration programme: Join the programme to get yourself ready for the games industry and boost your teamworking skills. The games industry is a very diverse field, including many different types of roles and jobs. At GTD we are simulating life in a game studio by participants taking different roles such as Designer, Developer, Producer and Game Director. Such Innovative jobs and roles require the ability to work in a dynamic team environment. Challenge yourself and come to work together in teams and learn communication skills by developing video games, in this fast paced and intensive programme.

Skills you gain

Learn to work in a team guided by an expert team of instructors

Video games development and its different aspects such as design, development, and business

Developing a video game in a team and publishing it

Essential team skills

Essential tools and skills in video games development

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200 hours

Multiple Instructors

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Learn Teamwork by Developing Video Games (installment 1/3)

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There will be several external expert speakers from the games industry coming to talk about real world life in game studios. Talks include topics such as entrepreneurship, recruitment, human resource management, intellectual property right management, game studio management, project development, production, publishing, data analytics and programming to name a few topics.

You will work in a dynamic teams-environment while applying theory to practice. Your team is supported by content and guidance. Team focus will concentrate on the key elements which support project development while protecting the neutrality of the unique workflow. Teams are tailored to engage their highest potential while reaching the personal development of their members.

During this course, you will

  • learn from expert guidance
  • watch videos
  • read study materials
  • take quizzes
  • complete game design and programming related tasks

The final task for the team is to develop an idea into a fully working game that will be published to wider audiences.

Members are given constant feedback while their process is tracked, and the curriculum is customized dynamically to support their needs. Teams will have weekly meetings in different group sizes (individual 1, small 2-3, medium 4-10, large 10+).

During this course, you will

  • learn to work in a team guided by an expert team of instructors
  • learn video games development and its different aspects such as design development, and business
  • learn how to develop a video game in a team and publish it

Essential team skills, such as

  • communication
  • research and development skills
  • collaborative knowledge building
  • two-way feedback & documentation skills
  • self-regulation
  • project management
  • distant work ethics
  • multicultural and interdisciplinary understanding

Essential tools and skills for video game development

  • Krita, Blender, Unity3D, Visual Studio, C#
  • Game concept design
  • history
  • artificial intelligence
  • the industry and analytics
  • production
  • marketing
  • publishing
  • distribution

Programme length is 4-6 weeks. Studying times Mon-Fri between 11-17 UTC (the exact daily schedule varies). Content (theory and practice) related to teamwork and video games will be taught.

Summary of teamwork related topics:

  • communication
  • research and development skills
  • collaborative knowledge building
  • two-way feedback & documentation skills
  • self-regulation
  • project management
  • distant work ethics
  • multicultural and interdisciplinary understanding
  • analytical thinking and innovation
  • creativity
  • complex problem-solving
  • leadership
  • technology design and programming
  • resilience
  • stress-tolerance and flexibility

To learn game development, design and production we will use various materials about history of games, theory and innovation, Artificial Intelligence, games industry and analytics, production and game design. Those who are specialized in game development will learn to use modern game development tools such as Krita, graphics editor, Blender, 3D graphics tool, Unity3D, game development tool, Visual Studio, C#, development environment, Mobile Game Development. You will learn both theory and practice, and there will be practical assignments given to all about game development content.

You will work on team and complete a final project: team will ideate and develop a video game of their own and publish it.

Daily & weekly assignments will be provided. Students will also be challenged individually according to their needs and curriculum personalization/examination.

Each member is required to actively follow the programme, have self-driven contributions, and participate in a two-way feedback process. Teams are expected to adjust and re-adjust autonomously in response to any given changes.

Work will be evaluated, and modules are programmed to provide you with feedback during the development process. The different parts of the course will be assessed separately. During the course, you will be given tests and quizzes, and you are required to submit your game designs as well as a complete game.

You will also need to give us some feedback at the end of the course.

Once all those parts are completed and we have received your feedback, we will check that everything is completed and prepare your personal certificate of achievement.

This is for you if you are interested in learning teamwork skills and video games development in a fast paced international and multi-cultural programme. During this course you will work together and in collaboration in your teams by taking different simulated roles in real games studios such as: game designer, programmer, producer and game director (project manager).

This programme is suitable for approx. 18-25 year old people who have some technical skills. We strongly recommend to study Xamk Open University introduction to video games creation -course (IVGC course) before joining. The basics of video games creation will help you to focus on teamwork and develop high quality games. (You can also receive special discounts for this Teamwork course according to the amount ECTS you study). Register here for free: https://www.xamk.fi/en/open-amk-courses/introduction-to-video-games-creation/

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Note! Minimum number of participants is 40. In case it is not met, Edufication reserves the right to cancel the course. In that case the payments will be refunded.

Extra offer! Register and attend this masterclass to get an additional -20% off from GTD current price when registered: https://www.edufication.com/gameteam-dev-masterclass-2/

It is strongly recommended to study IVGC: Introduction to Video Games Creation course modules before attending GTD. It gives you the pivotal skills and knowledge of game development, and makes your GTD teamworking experience much more beneficial for you.

Studying IVGC will help you to enjoy the GameTeam.Dev programme.
Check the modules outline and register to IVGC course here

The program is not credit (ECTS) bearing. However, it is approximately worth of 10 ECTS of study work. If you are studying in a related field (e.g. IT/Entrepreneurship/Business management/Games), you can ask your course leader if this course’s credits would be transformable towards your degree.

About the instructors

Jan Storgårds

Jan Storgårds has over 25 years of experience from various technology industries and academia. He is an entrepreneur, Academic Programme Director, and Director of CADGI (Cambridge Academy of Games and Innovation), and CEO of Cambridge Gamechanger ltd.

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Filip Bovin

Team process developer, entrepreneur & director of TUTORS with educational and social background. Filip has been studying in Helsinki University in one of small pilot groups, educational psychology as a major.

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James Shepherd

CEO of Cypherdelic and Head of Studio at nDreams, who just recently published Ghostbusters VR. James has received Bafta’s and a Develop award for his outstanding executive work and has delivered multi-million selling products.

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Matthew Dickson

CTO Cytherellid Limited. Over 10 years coding experience on triple ‘A’ titles for Sony PlayStation, including ‘Killzone 2’, ‘LittleBigPlanet PSP’ and ‘Heavenly Sword’.

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