Many roles of a kindergarten leader

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This course introduces the many roles and tasks of a Finnish kindergarten principal: leading vision and strategy, leading organizational development work, human relations, pedagogy, administration, etc. The course gives a comprehensive picture of the work of a principal in Finnish kindergartens. The course is for ECE leaders and principals.

Skills you gain

Get familiar with the role of the manager in the Finnish ECEC.

Be able to identify the different roles of a leader.

Be able to develop a comparative view between your practice and the one of a kindergarten manager in Finland.


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5 hours

Mihaela Nyyssönen

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Many roles of a kindergarten leader

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  • ECE leaders and principals
  • English

Kindergarten as a learning organization requires comprehensive and supportive leadership. Creating a thriving, continuously developing kindergarten needs a clear vision, shared goals, and a constructive leadership approach.

The kindergarten leader’s job is about human interaction. Their leadership responsibilities are connected to the people around them, which they need to inspire, motivate and support in their development. But in order to fulfill these responsibilities, they need to take the lead of themselves.

This course helps you to strengthen your own professional development and self-leadership as a kindergarten leader. 

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How to pass? 

The course is offered as a self-study online course. The course is asynchronous and can be completed at the participant’s own pace during 6 months. 

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About the instructor

Mihaela Nyyssönen

Mihaela Nyyssönen, Master of Arts. Her experience includes more than 18 years in ECEC as well as 7 years as a kindergarten manager in Finland.

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