Masterclass: Introduction to Crypto Currencies, Finance, DAOs and NFTs

This course is an easy introduction to the World of Cryptos and Finance. You will be introduced to the Fundamentals of Cryptos and its practical applications. Talks are given by professionals working in the world of Crypto Finance:

  • Jeremy Sosabowski
  • Dave Brady
  • Janine Subgang
  • Lynne Marlor

Crypto economy is a digital economy with a decentralized finance system. Why did such a phenomenon occur early 2010s and what is its role in the ‘real’ economy? Buy this course and find it out.

Skills you gain

Learn what are crypto currencies

Different aspects of crypto finance

Essentials of investing in crypto funds

NFT fundamentals (Non-fungible tokens)


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2 hours

Multiple Instructors

4,99 €

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Masterclass: Introduction to Crypto Currencies, Finance, DAOs and NFTs

4,99 €

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There will be also a brief practical guidance how to get into crypto investments and why it should be considered as investment opportunity.

Prerequisities: none

What will you learn?

  • Why cryptos exist?
  • What are cryptos in practice?
  • What is cryptofinance?
  • How does crypto economy work?
  • What is DAO? Why are Decentralised Autonomous Organisations important?
  • What are NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) and how are they connected to cryptos?
  • Does it have any importance to corporate finance?
  • Why and how can you invest and trade in cryptos?

About the Speakers

Jeremy Sosabowski

Dr. Jeremy Sosabowski is Co-founder & CEO at AlgoDynamix, an AI forecasting analytics company providing hours or days advance warning of major directional market movements.

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Dave Brady

Dave Brady is the Operations and Customer Excellence Manager at Ebisu's Bay - the #1 NFT marketplace on the Cronos blockchain [from] and SeaShrine, a new marketplace recently launched on the Aptos blockchain.

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Janine Subgang

Janine Subgang studied at the University of Oxford and Amsterdam University, with a focus on psychology and cognition, which she uses to improve product design in web3. Her expertise in the field has led her to speak at some of the most prominent web3 conferences.

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Lynne Marlor

Chair, Boston Blockchain Association. Ambassador- Global Blockchain Business Council. Creator of Women in Digital Assets Speaker Series. Founder of Transformational Strategies, LLC.

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