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It is highly recommended to have studied the skills taught on Part 3 Module 3 before starting Part 4 of the course. Snake is one of the most known games of all time for mobile and smartphones. Every student of video games development should know how to make it. This module will teach you the basics of mobile game development and you will be developing a fully working game!

Skills you gain

You will learn to develop a simple game for smartphones

Setting up an Android phone for development

Adding Touch Controls to a game

Event systems using Delegates

Using Circular Buffers to avoid Garbage Collection

2D Collision Detection

Using Random numbers for simple procedural generation

Deploying a finished game onto a phone


Shareable Certificate


10 hours

Jan Storgårds

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Mobile Game Development

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Learning resources:
14 videos and supporting assets for you to use:

  • Introduction
  • Project Setup
  • Assets and GameController
  • Phone Setup
  • Swipe Controls
  • Adding the Snake Head
  • Adding the rest of the Snake
  • Getting the body parts to follow the head
  • Creating walls, Eggs
  • Collisions
  • Game Progression
  • Score and GUI
  • Sounds and Phone Deployment
  • Assignment

Assessment: You will develop and submit a 3D module made with Unity.

How to pass?

By completing your assignment, which is building a 3D model of a Robot.

Follow all the 14 videos! Your final assignment is described in the last video. Submit your work as described in the video by using or to
Do not forget to include your NAME and EMAIL address.
We will assess your work as soon as possible.

About the instructor

Jan Storgårds

Jan Storgårds has over 25 years of experience from various technology industries and academia. He is an entrepreneur, Academic Programme Director, and Director of CADGI (Cambridge Academy of Games and Innovation), and CEO of Cambridge Gamechanger ltd.

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