The concept, purpose and mission of the Finnish early childhood education system (ECEC)

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The course introduces the basics of the Finnish early childhood education and care (ECEC) system. It presents the Finnish Educare model and National Core Curriculum guiding early childhood education in Finland. The course also unveils the mission and core tasks of Finnish ECEC: promoting children’s well-being, happiness, and health. The course is for ECEC teachers, principals, and education experts.

Skills you gain

Take a comparative perspective on early childhood education in Finland and your location.

Identify the strengths and development areas in your own work.

Continue the exploration of the research-based Finnish early childhood education approaches and practices.


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5 hours

Elena Chukhlantseva

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The concept, purpose and mission of the Finnish early childhood education system (ECEC)

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  • ECEC teachers, principals, and education experts
  • English

Early childhood education and care (ECEC), pre-primary education, and primary education form a continuum that supports the child’s development and learning. It is fair to say that early childhood education builds a foundation for the life-long learning path in Finland.

Finland has, for a long time, had a strong emphasis on stress-free childhood. Early childhood education in Finland is informal, full of play and activities that are characteristic of children, and not school-like at all. Despite this non-academic and non-formal approach, Finnish early childhood education guarantees children excellent learning abilities. How is it done and where is Finland heading next in early childhood education?

This course helps you gain general insights into Finnish early childhood education. You will learn why and how Finnish early childhood education promotes children’s well-being, happiness, and health. 

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How to pass? 

The course is offered as a self-study online course. The course is asynchronous and can be completed at the participant’s own pace during 6 months. 

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About the instructor

Elena Chukhlantseva

Elena Chukhlantseva holds a degree in Education, with a focus on early childhood education and care. Elena has taught in both Finnish and bilingual early childhood education centers and schools while also co-managing an early childhood education center. 

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